Neugram, Go scripting

Neugram is a programming language designed to let you work quickly.

It integrates seamlessly with Go.


An example:

#!/usr/bin/ng // Start a web server to serve files. import "net/http" pwd := $$ echo $PWD $$ h := http.FileServer(http.Dir(pwd)) http.ListenAndServe(":8080", h)


Weekly binary releases will start when Go 1.10 is released in January 2018. (With it come several necessary plugin fixes and support on macOS.)

In the mean time, you can build neugram from HEAD with:

go install


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Neugram is released under a MIT-style license.

For discussion, there is a neugram mailing list.

All the source code to neugram lives in git and is hosted in a github repository.

File bugs in the github issue tracker.

You are welcome here.